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Marketing – It Does Not Have to Cost a Dime, Just Some Time…

Hi Everyone.

One of the bands I manage is a great example of using free Internet resources to effectively market your music to fans.

The following video cost NOTHING to make except a couple hours of time.

When marketing your music, it is not enough to make fans AWARE of your music and live shows. That’s easy.

Harder, is finding creative ways to win over their hearts and minds, so that they will WANT to buy your music and come see you play. Humor is a great incentive to motivate action. If fans like you, they will come. It’s a given that once you get them in the door, they will be entertained. But getting them in the door is hard.

This video was extraordinarily cheezy, but dry humor is the M.O. of GUPPY EFFECT, one of Wisconsin’s many awesome rock-n-roll bands.

Think outside the box!

The Internet has many free resources you can exploit.

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