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Band Idea: Jukebox

I had an impromptu idea for a band. So impromptu in fact that I haven’t even researched it at all to see if it’s been done. It probably has. I don’t care, it’s still good. Here it is.

A band called JUKEBOX that plays songs off their set list by request with a fee per song.

That’s it.

Of course, there are some specifics.

Songs the band enjoys playing can have a relatively small fee, like $5/song.

Songs the band hates playing can be more.

For example, Brown Eyed Girl might cost $25. Jesse’s Girl is $50. Mustang Sally is $100. Freebird is $1000. And so on and so forth.

Maybe you can have bulk discounts, five songs for $20.

Music venues might hate this idea, but they might love it if they don’t have to pay the band. If the customers are not interested in having music, they can keep their money. If they want shittier songs, they can team up and pool their money.

I love this idea.

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