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How to Market Your Music Effectively

I first learned about Derek Sivers when I self-produced my first solo record, Cactus Joe’s “Inspirado” in 2007. Sivers founded CD BABY, an online music store for independent musicians who wanted to sell their music directly to fans without having THE MAN take an undeserved large % of the gross sales.

It seems like a lot of aspiring musicians I know are very against educating themselves on the business end of music. They’d rather be creating the music, and God bless them for it.

Even for the inquisitive musicians, I can understand not wanting to have anything to do with THE MAN. He’s evil, and anything he produces can be considered an instrument of exploitation most of the time.

The problem is, even though you may wish to remain IGNORANT of THE MAN‘s ways, HE is not ignorant of yours, and he will try to exploit you and your music any time you have the unfortunate circumstance of crossing paths with HIM.

So IGNORANCE is not bliss if you have any desire to get your music into the hands of the people who want it, even if you don’t care about making money from your music (but would like to not LOSE lots of money…).

That said, I hate reading a lot of boring books and articles on music marketing and the music industry. I’m with you. Who has time for that? Wouldn’t we all rather be CREATING?

Well, thanks to Derek Sivers’ philanthropic efforts, it’s easy to learn the basics.

He wrote a FREE E-BOOK about marketing your music to the people who want it and will enjoy it. It’s a summary of his experiences as a musician and indie music promoter, common sense, and basic marketing principles. It’s an easy read and it saves you a lot of time hunting down other resources and buying voluminous books on the subject of music marketing, that cost money (i.e., you give your money to THE MAN…so HE can inform you of the best way to put money into HIS pocket, right?). THIS is FREE!

CLICK HERE to get a FREE COPY of “How to Call Attention to Your Music” by Derek Sivers.

I have shared this with several of my music collaborators who all say it is a great read, worthwhile and interesting. They usually read it cover to cover in one sitting, especially the ones who take the music marketing end of music seriously. Sure, you can sit in your basement composing masterpieces no one will ever hear, except your mom. But most musicians do what they do so they can share the joy of music with people they care about (your mom included).

After you read Derek’s free book, you may be interested in two other music marketing resource books that I love and that you can obtain at your public library for FREE…

1. “This Business of Music” by M. William Krasilovsky et al.
2. “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” by David Scott

The first book is a well-written and logically designed road map to all the many facets of the music biz. You can skip the chapters that don’t apply to you and read only what is relevant.

The second book is a great resource for using blogs and the Internet to market your music (or anything at all). No longer do musicians have to rely on THE MAN to get their messages out to fans. The power of the Internet is its ability to communicate directly and intimately with the people who seek your music.

But if you read nothing else, read Derek Sivers’ “How to Call Attention to Your Music.”

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