Do You Want Your Song(s) in the Top 40 Songs in America?

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Hi Everyone.

And by everyone, I mean those people searching Google for the keyword phrase “top 40 songs in America” (in quotes).

Yep, I know.

Every day there are about 62 people on average world wide who search for “top 40 songs in America.”

How do I know?

Google told me.

Of those 62, at least 26 of you click on one of the Web sites (usually the first one) that Google spits out in the first page of search results (the top 10 highest ranked sites for that phrase in Google).

You are very likely one of those people. Kind of alarming that I know that, huh?

But Google knows all, and I know how to ask Google what it knows.

You should learn this too.

If you are a musician and you are not using Google’s keyword tool functionality to get traffic to your web site, you are missing a lot of potential fans on the Web. It’s really easy. It just takes some time and creativity. You’re a musician, so creativity is a given. You need to find TIME.

You can use keywords in your blog post titles and Web page content to directly target potential fans of your music. I am doing it right now. Just by including “top 40 songs in America” in the title of this blog, I know that about 62 people each day will see this post in Google search. They might not all click through to it, but some will. Most will immediately leave when they discover I really have nothing to say about the actual top 40 songs in America. But I just wanted to illustrate how I generate traffic to this site.

If you did not come here via Google, go to Google now and search for “top 40 songs in America” (in quotes). Tell me what you see.

I cannot actually help you get your songs into the top 40 songs in America. But I can help you get your Web site into the top 10 Google results for relevant search phrases related to your music.

And getting people to your Web site is the first step in exposing people to your music.

Then, if your songs are good and people love your music, you might actually have a shot at getting your songs in the top 40 songs in America. Whose top 40, I have no clue.

But I do know that if your Web site remains in an untraversed backwater part of the Internet forever, you are not going to get any visitors to your Web site, and thus few fans of your music.

When you are ready to make lots of music starved fans find your music – CLICK HERE.

You can thank me when you are rich and famous.

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