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A key tip for improving your quality time and avoiding stress.

In “4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss, the author offers a great time saving tip.

Essentially, cram. That is, wait until the last possible moment to get stuff done and don’t worry about it until then.

Why do you want to stress and worry about something you know full well you aren’t going to do until the last minute anyway? All that does is sap energy from your other tasks and pre-occupy you. This makes you inefficient in most areas of your life and drains you of energy.

Instead, embrace cramming and make it an art form. You’ll add hours of quality time to your too-busy life and reduce your stress levels, both of which will improve your health and quality of life.

Sure, you’ll still stress when the project is due, but only for a short period of focused, energized, refreshed, well-rested time.

Here is an herbal supplement that can help during those short, focused times: Rhodiola rosacea – It is a non-stimulant ADAPTOGEN, which basically supports your immune and nervous systems during times of “fight or flight.” I spent eight years in R&D at a vitamin company and this really works to alleviate stress and focus your mind.

That’s my two cents, on top of Tim Ferriss’s wealth of info. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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