My Birthday Wish List (it’s my birthday and i’ll wish if i wanna…)

I really should learn to just throw the Musician’s Friend Catalog away when it comes. Recycle it without a glance…but I suck.

I failed to do so with the Winter Sale edition that just arrived. So of course, with my birthday coming up on January 9th,* I am eyeing the following items with serious envy and desire…my WISH LIST!

The Rover Travel Guitar (with hard case)

This is #3 on my wish list. The price ain’t bad considering it includes a hard case. This would be a gem for those long tours on a bicycle. Or campfire jams in the middle of nowhere. Or the back seat of the car on long road trips to wherever I will be rocking next. I love my Jasmine by Takamine acoustic guitar, and that still has no competition on price or quality for a hardy beater acoustic. But the Rover is smaller and the case is a rectangle, much better for storing and packing and transit, especially on airplanes.

The Bluebird Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone by Blue Inc.

I already own a similar microphone, the Black Knight by Violet Inc., but I love everything I have heard about this Bluebird – plus, it shares the name of a famous Nashville music venue, and that’s good enough for me. So it is #2 on my wish list. Nothing beats a good large diaphragm condenser mic for reproducing the human voice. The Black Knight is a little too crispy, due to a frequency hump in the high mids to accentuate the vocals when recording live acoustic guitar and vocals. That helps them cut through, but then you usually have to manually warm the sound with post processing. Not with the Bluebird.

The Palatino VE-550 Electric Upright Bass

I play a bit of standup bass. However, the one I have sucks and sounds bad and is hard to play and, well, it sucks… If I had one of these babies, I would crank it up and be the best standup player around in just a few months because I would play it all the freakin’ time. This is #1 on my wish list. My birthday is coming up on January 9th. I am using the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING to will myself this bass for my birthday. I know that is asking a real lot. But I am hoping some wealthy philanthropic music loving fan of my art will see the inherent value to the planet of Earth of me becoming a kickass standup bass player (I promise!). Only this instrument will put me on that path. Someday, I will have enough money to invest in something like this. Goals!

But right now, I have to pay the bills, and so all of this is a pipe dream. But a pipe dream I will keep alive as long as possible.

Damn you, Musician’s Friend Catalog!

* Everyone is invited to my birthday party bash. It will be on Saturday January 9th at the High Noon Saloon in Madison WI, hosted by PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND and PHUN, two great jam bands you can dance and carry on to. The phun starts at 9 PM and goes till the bar kicks us out. No presents, just your presence…I have learned to live without my WISH LIST, even if I am 300% deserving of everything on it.

About Manwich B. Khakazzi

Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI.

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