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Copyrights and Royalties and $$$


I came across THIS BLOG POST today.

Get Paid When You Get Played (@DiscMakers blog)

It’s a decent quick and dirty overview of copyrights and performance royalties and why you should definitely join a performance rights organization (PRO) if you have any recorded works getting performed or broadcast anywhere. It’s slightly erroneous on the issue of PUBLISHING. At least with BMI, the song writer is considered the publisher unless a separate publisher is reported, and both halves of the pie are paid to the same person or band. It’s fairly easy to register as a publishing company with the PROs too though, if you want to.

I just banked $145 in performance royalties from having my CD played (albeit often) on a single college radio station during Q1 2009. And I expect a similar check from BMI every quarter thereafter, considering my CD is in heavy rotation at that station. So I strongly advise joining a PRO if you haven’t already, assuming you have songs recorded and publicly available.